ParkVision is a community group dedicated to increasing the number of trees in and around Bognor Regis.

Around the world Governments, United Nations and many other huge institutions are trying to combat the effects of climate change by planting trees. This is undoubtedly a good thing but it risks creating the impression that only large institutions can have any significant impact, or that because `they’ are doing it ordinary individuals can't make any difference or needn’t try.

In fact parish, district, and county councils together with many voluntary groups are already preparing or enacting plans for new Woodlands in their own areas. Most of these projects are in small corners of villages, but taken together they have the potential to bring about the largest re-forestation of Britain since the Industrial Revolution.

The problem is that a lot of concerned people don't know about these plans or how they can be involved in them.

It is ParkVision’s intention to give all the organisations in West Sussex the chance, for one weekend in the not too distant future, to set up a stall in Hotham Park and showcase what they are doing. They will be able to share ideas with each other, and invite the wider public to roll up their sleeves and join in.

It is hoped the event will include demonstrations by professional arboreal culturists showing how to germinate seeds and nurture saplings. These will include question and answer sessions so that anyone from 10 years upwards will be able to go home confident that they can grow their own tree and in 2 or 3 years’ time plant it out somewhere close by where it can thrive. With this combination of individual enthusiasm, collective action and professional guidance, people will be able to visit their tree for years or decades to come.

How it all started

Once upon a time, before the first lock-down happened in 2020 and Covid19 took over every aspect of life, a group of like minded members of a local community from Bognor Regis decided to create & work on a tree planting project and as a result ParkVision was born.

Working on a plan brought us in contact with the local authorities’ ADC Parks & Green spaces team. The outcome of that was, a great cunning plan to run events & activities promoting how we can all do our bit to improve & save the planet for future generations, by planting trees.

Part of the plan was to use an area within the local prize winning Hotham Park. The use of this area was planned to become our growing & teaching yard, with an office, glass-house & ground to grow & land to pot-up the young trees & get the trees ready for permanent planting around the district.
Lots of other activities were also being planned throughout the year, but sadly Covid came crashing down, & stopped everything.

The good news is that the horizon is looking clearer & some sort of normally seems to be heading our way.

ParkVision would like to thank the Woodland Trust for supplying us with 250 plus saplings and for taking an interest in our project.

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