About the WestCam view

This WestCam webcam view from the Pier, looks directly West. The beach and promenade continue towards Aldwick and the West End Shopping area. Beyond this in the distance is Pagham and on the far left on the horizon, is the Selsey peninsula.

In the Winter the sun sets over the Selsey peninsula area and in the summer, the sun sets over towards the right of the view. Below is a still photo of the view from WestCam located on Bognor Regis pier with a key indicating various places.

WestCam Webcam view

  1. Selsey peninsula
  2. Pagham
  3. Seafront promenade walk to Aldwick and the West End
  4. Road to Aldwick and the WEST END shopping area
  5. The once Royal Hotel - now being refurbished into flats
  6. Seafront promenade and beach access - busy at the weekends when the sun is out
  7. Part of the pier roof - you might be lucky and see a bird or two sitting here