ParkVision and the Woodland Trust Trees

Pre-lockdown we applied to The Woodland Trust for some of the trees that they were offering to community groups. We forgot all about it until last month when we started to get deliveries of trees, out of the blue: 250 plus trees in total. This has pretty much galvanised us into action,

Talks have started about resurrecting the use of the yard in the park with the tree planting project and other parts of the plan are being developed.

The original ParkVision team are keen to invite volunteers to help with the projects.

Meetings are being arranged to plan how this dream can be turned into reality.

Until we can meet face to face we can email, phone, and WhatsApp the group or maybe organise a ZOOM or two.

By using social media, these website pages, and other media we will keep you up to date on progress.

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A few of the 250 plus saplings
A little TLC needed
Greenhouse & land
Volunteers Office
Teaching Hut
Bit of a project