London Rd/High St. Safety

Make the London Road/High Street junction safer.

The paving at the end of London Road means that the pedestrianised area is not differentiated from the bus route. The attached photograph shows how the paving continues across the boundary of the footpath on the High Street straight into the road. There is a lack of visual and textural differentiation between where is "safe" and where is "unsafe". This can be a particular issue for the visually impaired and also for children.

In initial plans, there were ideas for electrical bollards, this would ensure that prohibited vehicles do not use this part of the road, and also adds an extra barrier for safety. However, this does not necessarily solve the raised issue. As seen in the photograph, there is tactile paving along the rest of the High Street, but this stops for the duration of the road at the end of London Road.

This paving is the way it is so that there is a flow between London Road and the Arcade, but there is the possibility that pedestrians will not make it to the other side!

It seems that this issue was overlooked, with no easily findable documentation on the safety of this area from the planning stages. However, some simple methods could resolve this.

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London Rd/High St. Safety
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The junction between London Road and the High Street