Ice rink

I think Bognor is purely associated with Butlins - which provides jobs for the local people - however it doesn’t produce a lot in the way of local spending by tourists as it is mostly all inclusive. Everything is bought or catered for inside - meaning local small businesses don’t really benefit. Yes, they may visit town but that’s probably it. I think if we have a Bognor a new makeover - popular for the largest ice rink in the south we could make it great again - we seem to forget the Regis/Royal associations - Bognor is the brunt of jokes almost!
We want to attract people who will spend in the local economy - the ice rink if central could provide all these services.
Also I think we could provide a tropical theme to Bognor and a revitalisation for the mind/body aspect - sea air, Sussex walks etc - facts on local areas - Feltham, Padgham, Middleton - so many secret places to discover - ‘not just famous for Butlins’. We have a wealth of history to show you - some sort of catchy slogans - whatever we provide to regenerate the product or experience has to be educational and entertaining and good for the local economy so we all benefit, not just big companies. How about local tour guides?

Address or location of the idea 
Bognor Regis